Residential and commercial

Deep cleaning in Destin, Florida and local areas

Deep Cleaning

Every corner and crevice of your home, including the hard to reach places.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning goes beyond routine sweeping, straightening up, and sanitizing. During a deep clean, we thoroughly clean the areas that are skipped during routine cleans. Think hard to reach places and everything above your head! Deep cleaning is needed to keep your home or business sanitary and looking great long-term, and should be scheduled about four times per year in addition to regularly scheduled routine cleans.

How often is deep cleaning needed?

The frequency of deep cleaning depends on your space: how much time you spend there, your lifestyle, and how often you schedule routine cleanings. For most residential homes, deep cleaning is recommended four times per year. 

What does deep cleaning include?

Below is a sample list of what’s included in a residential deep clean. We’re happy to customize your clean and provide a quote tailored to you. 


Dining Room

Family Room

All Bedrooms

All Bathrooms

Office / study


Front Entrance

Back entrance / mudroom

All Hallways