Residential and commercial

Routine cleaning and housekeeping in Destin, FL

Routine Cleaning

Regular upkeep, scheduled as often as you need to keep it clean.

What is routine cleaning?

Routine cleaning is regular upkeep and maintenance of your home to keep it sanitary, neat, and tidy. It includes general straightening up, wiping down surfaces, dusting, cleaning the floors and carpets, sanitizing bathrooms, removing garbage, and spot-cleaning walls and windows. Routine cleaning is different than deep cleaning, which should be done several times per year to maintain a clean home. 

How often is routine cleaning needed?

How often you need your house cleaned depends on your space: how much time you spend there, your lifestyle, and how often you’re performing more intense deep cleans. We recommend routine cleaning at least twice per month, but many clients prefer regular weekly cleaning to keep their homes neat at all times. 

What does routine cleaning include?

Below is a sample list of what’s included in a routine residential clean. We’re happy to customize your clean and provide a quote tailored to you. 


Dining Room

Family Room

All Bedrooms

All Bathrooms

Office / study

All Hallways

Front Entrance

Back entrance / mudroom